The Breakfast Club – Liverpool St

The Breakfast Club“, that’s a bold name for a restaurant and certainly implies a serious level of expertise in the morning food department. I was heading off to help Ferdie at Ferdie’s Food Lab prep and wanted some good sustenance to take me through the day. A late brunch seemed a good call and after a quick search The Breakfast Club came up.

I arrived about 12:30 and given its proximity to the city and re-development of Spitalfields it was already full with a loud mix of suits and trendy Hoxtonites. The neon light was glistening off the oversized glasses of the hipsters and the oversized watches of the suits. But I digress, the welcome was not particularly warm and took a good 6-7 minutes to even be noticed, I daren’t sit down given the big sign telling me to wait.

Once I was attended to the waiter was friendly to be fair and took me to a seat at a shared high table. Flat white and orange juice ordered whilst I perused the menu. There were sections for classic fried breakfasts, pancakes, eggulars (egg based dishes), things in bread and oaty things. I ordered an apparently brand new dish, chilli lime avocado on toast with a poached egg and side of chorizo.

Drinks arrived and things looked good. Decent foam on the coffee, even if it was a slightly large for a flat white. Unfortunately the coffee was a tad watery and bitter which warranted a dash of sugar, not the worst coffee but not quite up to standard for a brunch specialist. The orange juice was freshly squeezed which I was hoping for, unfortunately that also meant it was warm and overly tart. A new choice of oranges would help I think.

The food. Tasty wholemeal granary toast with plentiful seeds made a good base. Loads of avocado on top. Strangely also a thick lime slice which should have been a clue, the avocado was overly tangy unfortunately and slightly under-salted. I can’t fault the texture which was great, it was a shame the chilli wasn’t chopped finer and could have been hotter. The avocado was also cold (fridge cold, not room cold) which sucked the heat out the dish very fast.

Poached eggs should be the lynch pin of any breakfast establishment and this didn’t disappoint, with a runny yolk and (very almost) fully cooked white. The chorizo side was an odd texture, I nearly sent them back since I couldn’t determine if they were even cooked but they were slightly warm and had a slight char, I think a more aggressive cooking would help a lot.

The bill came for a bargain £7.50 which seemed fantastic, then I noticed the main dish had a price of £0.00 (it was new). Being scrupulously honest I had it corrected which brought it up to £14.50 without service. Given the location not outrageous but hardly cheap. Definite potential and nothing too bad but I left feeling a bit disappointed.

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