Ruchi – Kilburn

After reviewing Vijay last week I thought in all fairness I should add a review of my usual favourite Ruchi. You can never have too many curries in a week anyway. Ruchi is a relatively small place, with perhaps twelve tables inside and some more outside for the occasional balmy summer evening. It has quite a traditional decor and feel, although the paintings for sale on the wall add some extra character. We were seated quickly and ordered poppadoms and Cobra to peruse the menu.

The cold Cobra came quickly, and as advertised was ingenious due to its less gaseous nature. The poppadoms arrived (they weren’t cracked when arrived, we were just too keen to get stuck in). The typical raita, mango chutney, fresh onion and lime pickle. All good so far, the raita was an appealing light green with a fresh taste, the poppadoms felt a little stale and soft though.

The main courses next. I felt like something new so went for the chef’s special, chicken murgh bade sabha (chilli, coriander ginger, yogurt, butter and spices). It is pictured front, was fragrant, slightly tangy and medium spicy. Unfortunately the sauce had split a bit which gave it an overly oily texture.

My friend’s vegetable jalfrezi was great, nicely cooked veg in a spicy rich tomato sauce, the most heat out of all the dishes for sure. A side of brinjal bhaji (aubergine) was soft and rich with fragrant spices and oil.

Breads and sides were excellent, as they always are at Ruchi. The naan was cracking, with nice colour on it, beautifully soft in the middle and buttery / herby on the top. The pilau rice was fluffy and the chapatis soft and warm.

A nice touch is the fresh orange segments to complete the meal, refreshing and juicy. The obligatory refreshing towels were there as well, can’t say I’m ever a big fan of these. Anyway for 4 we were looking at just over £65 including service. A decent meal although not quite up to their usual standards, my split sauce was disappointing and I needed a bit more heat. Hopefully a blip in a usually consistent favourite of mine.


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