Review: Flatiron burger, Soho

Liking the branded cleavers

Flatiron is a small restaurant in Soho (Beak Street) known mainly for its namesake steaks, at £10 a pop. I’ve been meaning to pop in for a while and walked past at just the right time on a solo wander around the capital, it seemed perfect for lunch. I was seated quickly at a shared table (this is a no booking kind of place) in the narrow dining room. No nonsense decor was still stylish and suited the atmosphere. I liked the branded meat-cleaver style knives as well. Complimentary popcorn was brought quickly as I sat down. The waitress sold me on the burger this time round, not the steak, as the special and apparently voted the best in London, quite a claim.

Quite a bun

Excellent saladSo the burger special came with Bearnaise sauce / shallots, and apparently the patty is deep-fried (I requested pink). The buns are from St. John bakery, a good sign. And I went off-menu for my sides, no chips and instead a green salad. What actually came was a pear, blue cheese and walnut salad, luckily I like those ingredients. The pear was soft and sweet, a nice tang from the cheese, crunch from the walnuts and a great mixture of leaves. A very good side salad. As to the main event, the burger had a crisp crust to its exterior as you might expect from the cooking. The patty was beefy with that slight grass-fed funk. However it was a tiny bit dry, I think they need more fat in the mix to get it juicier. And it didn’t have any sharp ingredients (pickles) to cut through the meat. Bearnaise was good, but I’m not sure it’s a great ingredient on a burger personally. The bun had a good flavour and bite, but was a tad big for the patty size.

Overall, a good burger, although not the cheapest at £10 without sides. The beer list is good with some local London brews so all-in the bill was £20. I’ll be back to try the steak for sure, and quite possibly for another go at the burger.


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