Nova Scotia lobster rolls

I’ve been away for the past week relaxing by a lake in Ottawa, Canada. It was for a friend’s wedding, very chilled with lots of BBQing (some satay chicken thigh skewers went down very well) and dipping in the lake. There were a couple of other food highlights though, the first being a fresh lobster roll from the Nova Scotia food company.

The Nova Scotia Eatery

Picture the scene, it’s Canada day and seemingly all of Ottawa has descended on the city to watch the celebrations. We’ve seen the snowbirds fly past Parliament and then escaped the crowds at an outdoor table of a local bar. Copious quantities of beer has been consumed and we see this hallowed sign on a truck on your way back. A simple exchange of $8 gave me this little beauty:

Fresh!Fresh, sweet, salty lobster meat combined with a light mayonnaise and a scattering of chives, atop a light brioche split bun. Not hugely loaded I’ll admit but an amazing snack all the same, I could have had 2 or 3 more if everyone wasn’t waiting for me. It’s a shame we don’t see more of our own native shellfish in this country bar high end places (or exceedingly close to the coast), I suppose the cost would be prohibitive. Burger&Lobster is obviously attempting something similar, albeit with Maine lobsters still. I have seen mackerel burgers at quite a few food stands recently, perhaps those are our closest UK equivalent to a fish based roll?


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