Morito Restaurant Review – Exmouth Market


It’s a hot sunny Sunday afternoon (do you see a theme in my recent posts) and we had an hour to kill for lunch before seeing some people dance around in a silly manner at the Sadler’s Wells theatre (the less said about that the better). Morito, the little tapas bar offspring of the fantastic Moro, seemed a good choice both time, budget and location wise. We hopped over there and they even had some tables set up outside so we could frazzle our skin a bit more whilst smelling the pork on the plancha inside.

Ice-water was quickly brought together with some menus and a Manzanilla sherry in a chilled glass. The menu has a great selection of tapas with seasonable specials as well as the more usual classics. We opted for 5 dishes between 2 of us. Lamb chops are a must for the holiday effect as Anna calls it. Prawns with green Mojo sauce since neither of us can resist it after a trip to Lanzarote. Fried baby squid for me since I love squid (this proved a controversial choice for Anna). Then samphire / a beetroot, feta, dill and walnut salad to accompany them, plus a bread basket to soak up any errant prawn juice / mojo sauce / lamb marinade.

Prawns with green mojo, samphire and beetroot salads.The prawns came first. Shell on, they were a little small and fiddly and maybe a tad expensive at £7. However they were fresh from the plancha and superbly juicy, the mojo was spot on and every bit of it devoured. I love samphire, a particularly trendy coastal vegetable a bit like a cross between seaweed and asparagus. It was nice and firm, but dressed with much too much lemon and salt for me, too sharp and overpowering. The beetroot salad came slightly “pureed” and mixed in with some sort of yogurt I think. Then topped with walnuts, dill and feta. Nice and refreshing although it could have been a bit earthier perhaps.

Baby squid glinting in the sun


The baby squid came as a massive pile, lots of tiny squid with tentacles et al inside the body deep fried in a light coating. No other adornments required. I was a fan of these, they had a delicate texture with a slightly crunchy coating and weren’t chewy at all. Anna on the other hand was less of a fan, I think the slight chew on the tentacles proved too much texture wise. They were a tad greasy but that’s probably because I had to eat the whole plate.

Holiday lamb!

Last up was the lamb, I think it was probably in their Spanish marinade with a heady smokey mix of paprika, garlic and lemon. It had a nice char on the outside from the plancha, and was medium pink in the middle which is my preference for lamb chops. Smokey-sweet and deliciously tender, they were big chops and hence a good portion as a tapas dish.

Sherry negroniAll in all a good meal, although I felt a slightly lighter hand on the seasoning / lemon might have let the ingredients sing a bit more. Sitting in the sun with an Amontillado Negroni it was easy enough to forgive though. In total it was under £70 with service, 2 sherries, 2 beers and a cocktail. Always reliable and a worthy lighter alternative to Moro.

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