Kensington Wine Rooms

Notting Hill Gate has always seemed a bit dreary to me, somewhere to travel through rather than to. But having been to a show and ravenous for some sustenance, we searched out something quick and delicious.¬†Having rejected a few dodgier looking restaurants, we wandered towards Kensington and found the wine rooms. Very smart looking, it was full of plenty of suited “businessman” and dressed up women seeking some high glass vino. They also had a decent looking food menu so we popped in to give it a go.

Iberico pork

I had the Iberico pork, served with greens, carrots and romesco. It came with a tinge of pink (the waiter had said medium rare) although actually I would have even had it a bit less. But it did have a fantastic smokey flavour, they must have some sort of grill. Carrots and greens were solid, but the standout part was the Romesco sauce. Smokey, nutty and rich, it was really delicious with the pork and brought it all together. Rather than browsing the very extensive menus, we went for the recommended pairings. Mine was a Le Soula Blanc, it was too sharp at first but rounded off nicely into a good match for the dish.

Rare tunaAnna opted for tuna, which came perfectly rare alongside potatoes, beans and salsa verde. Simple and classic, but nothing to fault about it. It was matched with a very interesting natural wine, cloudy orange in colour and initially tasting more of cider than wine. But again it opened up nicely and also proved a good match.

The food is simple but effective here, and along with the amazing wine selection makes a good choice for dinner. It was around £60 all in for two mains and two large glasses of wine, not particularly cheap I suppose but worth it for the wine experience.


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