Elgin Street Diner – Poutine for breakfast!

It’s Canada day and I’m located in Ottawa, a city that wholeheartedly embraces the spirit and festivities of the day. Before downtown becomes a heaving mass of red-swaddled patriotic Canadians we thought we’d indulge in a hearty breakfast to keep us going throughout the day (and absorb any pre-lunch refreshments as if such things could possibly happen). Hearty breakfast=diner in my book. So I was led on a merry walk down Elgin Street by my Canadian compatriots to find the very aptly named Elgin Street Diner . Everything you want in a diner, with big portions of tasty (if not healthy) food served all day (and night) from a pretty unassuming interior.

I’ll admit right now that although I wanted a hefty breakfast, I didn’t necessarily want to be in a food-induced coma for the next 3hrs, I’ve never had an enormous appetite in the morning. So whilst the Blue Plate special sounded great (imagine a giant full English with a side of Poutine) I thought I’d go for something a tad lighter and more unusual. French toast sounded great, with a side of Peameal bacon (apparently a thicker cut, imagine a long slice of English back bacon rather than American bacon) and topped with loads of whipped butter and maple syrup of course. Oh, and a side of beans.

Breakfast is served!Which ended up looking a little like this! Certainly a generous portion but just able manageable. The French toast was pretty thickly cut however and a touch heavy. The bacon was great, thick-cut and properly meaty. And who can resist the salty-sweet-savoury mix of fried meat, eggs, bread and maple syrup. The butter was an indulgence but I liberally spread it on still. The beans, whilst out-of-place, get a mention for being deliciously tangy and smoky as an after-meal snack. As to the person next to me who ordered this plus a side of smoked-meat poutine, I salute you (and the generous offer of a few gravy soaked chips which were great) but wouldn’t have the stomach for a whole plate.


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