About me

Me on the roof of Selfridges for a spot of mini golf.

I’m Daniel, the “Man” in Eat Drink Man London. Based in North London, I’m very excited to see how food culture has developed in the UK over the last few years across the spectrum. From high end gastronomy to burger joints and supper club soirees, food knowledge and quality has increased exponentially since the dodgy days of poor pub meals and endless questionable chains.

A keen home chef and budding supper club host, I see cooking as an opportunity to relax and indulge a pleasurable hobby at least once a day. And ultimately as a way to please and engage other people.

As well as food, I’m passionate about good beer. Anything that isn’t bland, fizzy, piss-coloured water gets my vote from the extra hoppy American style IPAs to rich sweet Porters or a super sour wild-fermented Lambic from Cantillon.